Fees and Charging Policy

Assessment Fee is £25

Sessional Fee is £35/session of 50 mins


The counselling assessment is a no commitment introduction whereby your difficulties are discussed and the contract terms and conditions are shared, such as the code of confidentiality and my pledges to offer you the core condions of counselling. If you're familiar with the counselling process you will be aquainted with the core conditions, but if you are coming for the first time to receive counselling support these conditions are: to pass no judgement on your situation, to be empathic, and to be trustworthy and genuine.


The counselling, generally, will follow a brief, time-limited model. Whilst your childhood and upbrining will be covered, it will be considered only briefly as it may affect your present, or have had an impact on your current difficulties.

No reports will be compiled, but if such a report is required by you this will be thoroughly discussed firstly and may entail an extra fee.


In cases of personal hardship or unemployment, concessional fees may be considered after prior consultation.