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Home Telephone Number

0121 4532600

Mobile Number

07715 416 581



The Pressures of Daily Life

Modern life can be stressful and unfulfilling as well as satisfying - don't suffer alone, why not book a no-strings-attached introductory session. Plato wrote: ‘Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle’. A problem is only a 'problem' if it is a problem for you. I am at ease in dealing with a wide variety of difficulties.

Alternatively, your youngster or teenager may be a cause of anxiety and worry for you. I have many years of experience in working with teenagers and can rapidly form a rapport with them. Please feel free to make a telephone call if this is a source of conflict for you.

Practical Details When Making Contact

When calling, I will attempt to answer your call immediately, but owing to a slight disability I have I am not always able to get to the phone before the answerphone kicks in.  It would be helpful therefore if you could kindly leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (please don't withhold your number if you wish an immediate reply). You may feel content initially in outlining your problem by email, though I cannot guarantee a lengthy response through this medium.